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Get your account and shoes seen by tons of new users!

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Here at SHDWRLM, we want to give all resellers an opportunity to grow their brands to new heights and more success.

To do that, SHDWRLM offers all legitimate resellers the opportunity
to have their 5 most recent Instagram listings showcased on for one week
at a time.
Giveaway Info
Free entry on $15 slot
Featured IG Reseller | Availability
There are 15 Featured IG Reseller slots available every week.
-12 slots are reserved for the Featured IG Resellers reservation list
 slots are given away randomly through our free weekly giveaway
Reserved Slot Information
Reserved slots are available for all resellers, just like the weekly giveaway. It has a rotating reservation list to make sure everyone has a chance to be featured.
You will be contacted two weeks prior to your listing appointment for your payment. Payment must be processed no later than two (2) days before listing or else your spot will be skipped.
Giveaway Winner Information

Weekly Featured IG Reseller's giveaway winners are picked every Friday afternoon at 1:00pm PST.
Winning resellers have until Sunday afternoon by 1pm PST to confirm their slot or else it is passed on to the next winner.
Giveaway entries are limited to 1 entry per reseller.
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Important Start/End Dates
Featureds IG Reseller listings are published on Monday mornings at 9am PST.

Giveaways start/end on Friday at 1pm PST.
Giveaway winners must confirm their free slot or upgrade by Sunday at 1pm PST.
Reserved resellers must confirm their slot on 2 week notice.
Payment due no later than two-days before listing.


Duration: One Week

-5 shoes displayed
-Included in weekly newsletter




Duration: One Week

-10 shoes displayed
-Host a raffle on SHDWRLM
-Included in weekly newsletter




Duration: One Week

-15 shoes displayed
-Included in weekly newsletter

-Host a raffle on SHDWRLM



Current Wait List Count

26 Resellers

Last Updated: 9/26/20 at 10:10pm PST

Featured IG Reseller | Guidelines
In order to win and be listed on, you must be a legitimate reseller. If you are not a shoe reseller, please do not enter this specific giveaway.

Reseller Verification
The SHDWRLM team looks into every Featured IG Reseller prior to listing to ensure the reseller and any shoe showcased on the Featured IG Resellers section of is in fact 100% authentic.
If A Reseller Lists Fake Pairs of Shoes
If a winning reseller's account turns out to sell fake pairs of shoes, they will not be listed and their Featured IG Reseller slot will be given to the next winner.
If the SHDWRLM verification team believes a reseller is listing a fake shoe, the reseller and all of their shoes will not be displayed on the site.
If you happen to buy a fake pair of shoes from a reseller who at one point was listed on, SHDWRLM is not responsible for your transaction; however the SHDWRLM team will assist in any way possible to get in contact with the Featured IG Reseller to figure out what happened if said shoe was purchased during its time listed on
Featured IG Reseller | Page Listing Order
To decide the order of listing on the site, the 12 weekly reserved resellers are put into a randomizer and are listed accordingly. Picked LIVE on Instagram. Tier 3 resellers get +1 entry on this randomizer.
Giveaway winners will be listed after the reserved resellers in their listing order on the giveaway widget.
Randomization ensures all resellers have a fair and equal chance at top of page visibility.
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